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Crafts from the Past

Crafts from the Past
Illuminating craft projects present an around-the-world kaleidoscope of culture–allowing readers to travel, in their imaginations, to places long ago and far away. Covering such diverse cultures as the ancient Chinese, ancient Egyptians, ancient Greeks, and ancient Indians, each book delves into the daily lives of a remarkable people, detailing where and how they lived and what unique features marked their amazing civilizations. Each book answers important questions for readers: What did the people believe? How did they live, eat, and relate to each other? What did they wear, and what games did they play? Hands-on, step-by-step craft projects help make each book’s subject matter thrilling. • Content correlates to social studies curriculum • Sidebars and boxed insets provide additional information • Illustrated, step-by-step instructions guide readers through each featured craft • Provides fun practice in instructional and procedural literacy • Includes writing prompts to enhance learning experience • Includes quick facts and statistics that can be used in written reports • Glossary, Index, and sources for further information

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Reading Level: Grade 5
Copyright: 2013
Specifications: 8" x 10", 48 pages, Paperback,

Key Features

  • Detailed Table of Contents
  • For Further Information Section
  • Glossary
  • Index
  • Sidebars
  • Social Studies Content
  • Step-by-Step Instructions

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QTY Title 10 Digit ISBN S&L PRICE
Crafts from the Past 978-1-4339-7971-2 $430.20

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QTY Title 10 Digit ISBN S&L PRICE
Crafts from the Past 978-1-4339-7970-5 $71.70

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QTY Title 10 Digit ISBN S&L PRICE
The Ancient Chinese 978-1-4339-7698-8 $11.95
The Ancient Egyptians 978-1-4339-7702-2 $11.95
The Ancient Greeks 978-1-4339-7706-0 $11.95
The Ancient Indians 978-1-4339-7719-0 $11.95
The Ancient Romans 978-1-4339-7710-7 $11.95
The Aztecs 978-1-4339-7714-5 $11.95


QTY Title 10 Digit ISBN S&L PRICE
The Ancient Chinese 978-1-4339-7699-5 $71.70
The Ancient Egyptians 978-1-4339-7703-9 $71.70
The Ancient Greeks 978-1-4339-7707-7 $71.70
The Ancient Indians 978-1-4339-7720-6 $71.70
The Ancient Romans 978-1-4339-7711-4 $71.70
The Aztecs 978-1-4339-7715-2 $71.70