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Angry Earth

Angry Earth
With so many earthquakes, tornadoes, and floods in the news, sometimes it seems like our planet is angry. In reality, many disasters occur because conditions in nature were exactly right to cause a catastrophe. In this series, readers learn about the science behind blizzards, tsunamis, hurricanes, and other dangerous natural occurrences. They also learn about some of the worst natural disasters in history and find out how to protect themselves when in the middle of a dangerous natural disaster. * Topics support science curriculum * Key scientific concepts are clearly explained * Sidebars offer more information and interesting facts about the subject * Glossary words and Index highlight key science terms * Recommended Web sites and books guide readers in finding more information

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Reading Level: Grades 3 - 4
Copyright: 2012
Specifications: 7 3/4" x 10", 32 pages, Paperback, Full-color Photographs

Key Features

  • For Further Information Section
  • Glossary
  • Index
Collection Review: Angry Earth
“This series will draw in reluctant readers with its emphasis on destruction and spectacular photos, while the informative content and simple diagrams make it a strong introduction to earth science. Interesting tidbits ("The word 'blizzard' originally meant a large amount of gunfire") and historical accounts of both lesser- and well-known disasters (such as the 1889 flood near Johnstown, PA, and 1992's Hurricane Andrew in Florida) enhance the scientific facts. Vocabulary words are set in bold throughout the texts and defined in the glossaries. The many photos capture both the adrenaline of these forces of nature as well as the destruction they cause. Each volume ends with a spread that gives safety information and tips, e.g., Earthquakes advises that if caught indoors, "stay away from walls that may fall." Useful sources for diverse information.”
— SLJ, Series Made Simple, 2012

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Angry Earth 978-1-4339-6904-1 $322.20

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Angry Earth 978-1-4339-6905-8 $53.70

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Blinding Blizzards 978-1-4339-6531-9 $8.95
Deadly Floods 978-1-4339-6535-7 $8.95
Destructive Hurricanes 978-1-4339-6539-5 $8.95
Powerful Earthquakes 978-1-4339-6547-0 $8.95
Savage Tsunamis 978-1-4339-6551-7 $8.95
Terrifying Tornadoes 978-1-4339-6543-2 $9.95


QTY Title 10 Digit ISBN S&L PRICE
Blinding Blizzards 978-1-4339-6530-2 $19.95
Deadly Floods 978-1-4339-6534-0 $19.95
Destructive Hurricanes 978-1-4339-6538-8 $19.95
Powerful Earthquakes 978-1-4339-6546-3 $19.95
Savage Tsunamis 978-1-4339-6550-0 $19.95
Terrifying Tornadoes 978-1-4339-6542-5 $19.95

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Angry Earth 978-1-4339-7921-7 $209.70

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Blinding Blizzards 978-1-4339-7636-0 $34.95
Deadly Floods 978-1-4339-7638-4 $34.95
Destructive Hurricanes 978-1-4339-7640-7 $34.95
Powerful Earthquakes 978-1-4339-7642-1 $34.95
Savage Tsunamis 978-1-4339-7644-5 $34.95
Terrifying Tornadoes 978-1-4339-7646-9 $34.95


QTY Title 10 Digit ISBN S&L PRICE
Blinding Blizzards 978-1-4339-6532-6 $53.70
Deadly Floods 978-1-4339-6536-4 $53.70
Destructive Hurricanes 978-1-4339-6540-1 $53.70
Powerful Earthquakes 978-1-4339-6548-7 $53.70
Savage Tsunamis 978-1-4339-6552-4 $53.70
Terrifying Tornadoes 978-1-4339-6544-9 $59.70