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Bred in Scotland, Clydesdales are some of the largest and most powerful horses in the world. They’re often seen working in teams to pull wagons and plows. These animals are also called “gentle giants.” Readers will learn much about this breed and see the characteristics that make Clydesdales stand out among horses in the full-color photographs this book provides. Easy-to-follow text makes learning about the many jobs of a Clydesdale, from pulling competitions to TV commercials, assessable to the most reluctant of readers.

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Reading Level: Grades 2 - 3
Fountas & Pinell: L
Author: Linde, Barbara
Copyright: 2012
Specifications: 8 1/2" x 8 1/2", 24 pages, Paperback, Full-color Photographs

Key Features

  • For Further Information Section
  • Glossary
  • Graphic Organizers
  • Index
Collection Review: Horsing Around
"Horse lovers will delight in these information-packed volumes. Short chapters are paired with photographs of horses; reproductions of historical paintings or carvings; or, as in Horses in History, photos of scientists working with fossils. The writing is clear and easy to follow, and topic-specific charts provide additional information, such as on the races of the Triple Crown. While the suggestions for further reading are mainly informative, the annotated website listing offers resources that are often games or fun sites. Essential for libraries with horse fans; a solid purchase for others."
— School Library Journal

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