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Point Guard

Point Guard
Every team needs a leader, and point guards are leaders on the court! This excellent guide explores the skills and drills that are necessary to become successful at this position. Great point guards of the past and those who are currently leading their teams in the NBA are also presented. The narrative is paired with stunning action shots of the sportís best point guards, as well as teens demonstrating proper point guard techniques.

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Reading Level: Grade 3
Fountas & Pinell: P
Author: Glaser, Jason
Copyright: 2011
Specifications: 6 1/2" x 9", 48 pages, Paperback, Full-color and Black-and-White Photographs

Key Features

  • Detailed Table of Contents
  • Fact Boxes
  • For Further Information Section
  • Glossary
  • How-To Section
  • Index
  • Sidebars
Series Review: Tip-off Basketball
"The titles include quite a bit of information, using a limited vocabulary...this separation into short volumes with a smaller-sized text font works well for readers who need hi/lo material."
— School Library Journal

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