About Gareth Stevens Classroom

We at Gareth Stevens Classroom are proud of our 26 year commitment to creating materials necessary for students to have a successful learning experience. All our carefully leveled nonfiction titles provide solid classroom support in key curriculum areas. Reading levels you can rely on, including Fountas and Pinnell Guided Reading Levels, and DRA are provided to help you select books that match each child�s reading ability.

Our science titles teach students to observe, interact with, and learn about the world around them. Many contain easy to follow age appropriate activities and experiments that teach students techniques of scientific inquiry while communicating key concepts. An important goal of every book is to help students learn to think critically and integrate new knowledge and ideas with previous understandings.

Gareth Stevens math titles teach children a progression of basic concepts to more advanced calculation and procedural skills. Helping students develop math skills necessary for life outside the classroom is a critical goal. We are particularly proud of the multi-level Math in Our World series.

Our primary focus is to help every student develop core conceptual understandings beginning in early grades and then to progress beyond. Reading skill development focused in key curriculum areas is one way. Reading challenging informational texts on a broad range of subjects helps students build knowledge, expand academic vocabulary, increase fluency, gain insights, explore possibilities, and broaden their perspectives. Our books are building blocks in an effective classroom that can help your students prepare for success in school. Gareth Stevens Classroom has an equally strong commitment to quality customer service and support.

Our sales representatives are knowledgeable and ready to respond to your needs. Our in house support and service staff are always available to answer any questions you have and create custom solutions to challenges your facing in your classroom. If you have particular needs we can help you meet don�t hesitate to contact us at 1-800-542-2595 or customerservice@gspub.com.