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Teacherís Guides
Gareth Stevens Classroom ó A Recognized Commitment to Excellence!

Recreational Nonfiction Reading

• “Harrisís colorful, accessible books will attract browsers and spur them on to further reading.”

School Library Journal on Slimy, Scaly, Deadly Reptiles and Amphibians

High Interest / Low Reading Levels

• “There is certainly a place for extremely basic biographies for the most struggling of readers, and the crisp photos, straightforward text, and accessible musical hook may be just the thing to lure such children.”

Booklist on Scott Joplin of Inspiring Lives

Social Studies

• “These titles will supplement economic units. Information is presented briefly and clearly, with enough facts to provide a framework of understanding.”

School Library Journal on Money and Banks


• “Photos and captions, diagrams, “Fun Facts,” “Thatís Amazing!” boxes, and one experiment add a considerable amount of information to the text.”

School Library Journal on How Does It Work?


• “The authorsí descriptions of cartographic challenges, old and new, result in a lot of valuable extras...Wonderful resources.”

School Library Journal on Understanding Maps of Our World


• “Descriptive, colorful, and current, this series will spark the interest of elementary readers just beginning their occupation awareness.”

School Library Journal on Cool Careers: Helping Careers

Language Arts

• “Itís not easy making grammar appealing to young readers...Clever names are used in all three books, such as Tour de Chance for the bike race and the kidsí names like Sue Z. Kew, Rex Less, Nancy Legstrong, and swimmers Clora Eene and Francie Finn. Children should like that humor.”

School Library Journal on Grammar All-Stars: Writing Tools